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The new sharkset suspensions adopt a new design for 2022 (see photos). They are now white and are sold without LED kit.


Sharkset hits hard with its new creation: a front suspension module adaptable to the Ninebot MAX G30 electric scooter. This high-endsuspension was imagined and created by the engineer who developed the E-FLEX. If you have already tested the E-FLEX (or Zukboard) you know its reliability and its finishing qualities. We can expect, with the Sharkset suspension, the same quality criteria.

Particular care has been taken in the finish of this Sharkset suspension. Equipped with 2 springs mounted on a cast aluminum swing arm, a mudguard and a modular LED lighting system, it will bring in addition to its unparalleled comfort, a more aggressive look to your Ninebot MAX G30 electric scooter.

Do you love your Ninebot MAX G30 electric scooter but find that its comfort could be improved? Look no further, the Sharkset suspension is, in terms of quality and comfort, the best to date. Thanks to its quality aluminum, it does not deform like other suspensions that you might find on the market.

Precise adjustment for everyone

Sharkset offers in its suspension kit, 3 types of springs with different hardnesses. You will be able to choose the springs which will suit you best according to your weight. In addition you can play on the rebound rate of the springs thanks to the adjustment ring located on the suspensions. Sharkset has thought of everything and everyone!

As an indication you can use the following springs depending on your weight:

from 50 to 90kg - flexible spring
from 90 to 110kg - medium spring
> 110kg - hard spring


The Sharkset suspension comes with all the tools to assemble it yourself.

If, however, you do not want to take any risks, at My Mobelity we also offer to perform the assembly for you. We will make the LED part waterproof, to avoid any short circuits when you use your scooter on wet grounds.

This installation will cost you only 60.00 €.

Note that if you bought your Ninebot MAX from us, you will keep your warranty on the scooter!

Also note that we sell the Ninebot MAX G30 electric scooter equipped with the Sharkset suspension kit! You will find it HERE (coming soon)

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