Sharkset Handlebar kit for Ninebot MAX

Sharkset Sharkset
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  • An aluminum CNC part adapter CNC machined + 4 screws
  • An aluminum handlebar 22MM
  • An extended brake cable (which replaces the original cable)
  • A brake lever
  • A quad type throttle
  • Een set handgrepen van schuimrubber (X2)
  • A set of tools to assemble your new handlebars


  • Diameter tube 22.2MM
  • Adapter in aluminium CNC machined
  • Width handlebar Sharkset 600MM (original 460MM)
  • Only black color disponible

WIDTH OF HANDLEBAR  =  600MM  (original 460MM)



By choosing the SHARKSET handlebar set kit, you do not compromise on your safety and the design of your Ninebot.

Thanks to a much wider handlebars (600MM) than the original (460MM), you effectively improve the control and mastery of your scooter. Comfort will be provided by superb comfortable foam grips held by a crimping aluminum Sharkset, the most beautiful effect.

But you will also have the possibility of adjusting the height of the handlebars a little by raising or lowering the handlebars. The Sharkset handlebar kit adapts to all sizes for an optimized riding position.

The throttle is improved and remains quad-style with the thumb throttle. It will easily connect to your oily Ninebot with waterproof connectors.

Sharkset also provides you with a new, more ergonomic brake lever.

A superb aluminum adapter, machined in mass (CNC), allows this set "handlebar" to adapt easily and aesthetically to your Ninebot MAX G30. This adapter is made of two parts that you will tighten around your handlebars after adjusting the centering and the height.

Since the handlebars are wider, Sharkset also provides you with an extended brake cable / housing.

The tools needed for customization are also provided in the kit.

With the Sharkset Kit, you will discover a new Ninebot Max G30! More secure, more comfortable and more aesthetically desirable ...

You want the best for your Ninebot, SHARKSET is for you! Add in the SHARKSET front and rear suspensions, and you have the best Ninebot on the market today.

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