About us

We are convinced that urban mobility is at the beginning of a revolution.

Policies in different coniurbations around the world are forcing users to give up on the use of combustion egines and switch to modes of tranposrt which are much more eco friendly.

At My Mobelity, the first store in Antwerp and Leuven which is specialisede in E-scooters, we offer you ecofriendly, practical and portable mobility solutions. Very popular in sevral large cities as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Brussels, Paris, it gives you the opportunity to move quickly, without CO2 emission, avoiding traffic jams and with 0 effort.
Everybody knows how to ride a bike, so everybody knows how to ride an E-scooter. Stable and handy, it glides you all through town. Easy to learn, by everyone, no matter what your age is. Because these E-scooters are so easy to carry, they are the ideal addition to your everyday mode of transportation: metro, train, bus, the trunk of your car...
Just choose the model that fits your needs, with the help of Maxime, your specialist.
Not to be confused with a children's scooter, My Mobelity's E-scooters are meant as a fully-fledged means of transportation for adults.