How do you choose an E-scooter?

Urban mobility is becoming more and more of a problem. Crammed trams, trains and buses, traffic jams, the need to get to a certain place quickly... E-steps are increasingly seen in the streets and offer a solution to this problem. But how do you choose a suitable e-scooter? Do I buy a cheap scooter? Do I buy one online? What size should it be? These are all questions that will determine how you will experience your e-scooter. In this article we try to explain what you should pay attention to when buying an e-scooter. 


The price range for e-scooters can vary between 200 and 3000 EURO.
A cheaper scooter is made of cheaper parts, a cheaper battery and will usually also have a lower weight.
A more expensive scooter is made of more expensive, qualitative parts, a more expensive, qualitative battery and will therefore have a higher weight.
The expensive one is not necessarily better than the cheaper one, it all depends on what you want to do with it!

Are you going to use the scooter intensively every day for commuting? Then you should choose a more expensive scooter with quality parts, a strong battery and a decent range.
A cheaper scooter is therefore not always bad, just don't expect the same properties, quality and range as a more expensive scooter. For these reasons, a quality scooter for daily trips and for commuting with a range of 20-30 km has a price tag of more or less 1000 EURO.

Do you want a scooter with a range of more than 35 km? Then we are talking about a price tag of more or less 1800 EURO.



Do you use the scooter for commuting, do you take your scooter with you on the train, tram, bus twice a day? Do you have to take it up- and downstairs? Do you have a small desk where you want to leave your scooter? Then you definitely shouldn’t choose a large, heavy scooter.

Tired of being stuck in traffic for hours in the center of Antwerp? Park your car just outside the center and use your e-scooter to comfortably cover the last kilometers. In this case, choose a larger, comfortable scooter with a longer range. 



With our experience we can say that every scooter is not suitable for everyone. A big person needs a different scooter than someone who is small and tiny.

Let’s suppose you are 1.90 m tall and weigh 110 kg. You choose a scooter with a maximum allowed weight of 120 kg. You can perfectly buy this online, but once delivered at home you will probably notice that the handles are too low, your riding position is not good and you will be disappointed. There are many examples of people who do not buy the right scooter online and therefore are disappointed. We know every e-scooter, down to the last detail and therefore we can give you the perfect advise! Elements that we take into account are, for example, the width of the handles, the width of the board, the ability to climb a hill,...


Comfort and stability

Another thing you will have to take into account is the comfort, your own feeling and stability of the scooter. Suppose you have found a suitable scooter online, with a nice design, a good range ... There is a very great possibility that you will not like to drive this scooter. The reason for that is that not everyone has the same level of stability and balance. It may also be that it is much bigger and heavier than what you thought it would be. A test drive will very quickly determine whether a scooter is suitable for you or not.  



Just like your car or bicycle, your e-scooter also needs maintenance. With intensive use, parts of your e-scooter will wear out and will have to be replaced. It is reassuring to know that the specialists who will work on your e-scooter, know exactly how each e-scooter is built. This way you stay super satisfied with your e-scooter and you are always ready to hit the road. Supermarkets or non-specialized stores that have temporary offers of cheap e-scooter do not provide maintenance and therefore cannot help if parts are broken. So make sure you have the option to have your scooter serviced in the store of purchase.



When making your purchase, make sure to check whether parts of the scooter are easily available. With intensive use, you will need parts at some point anyway! It is very disappointing if you cannot be helped as quickly as possible. The more specialized the store, the faster you will be served! Get advice from people who know what they are talking about. You don't buy your car in the supermarket, do you? Keep in mind that the e-scooter market is completely new and attracts many importers who cannot offer you after-sales service. 



What will we pay attention to when buying a new scooter?
- The weight of the e-scooter
- Maximum portable weight
- Range: voltage and power of the battery
- Power of the engine
- Stability of the scooter
- Distance from shelf to handles
- Comfort in relation to your needs
- After sales service.