Fenix BC05R

Fenix Fenix
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The Fenix BC05R is more than just a rechargeable rear light for the bicycle. By means of the included body clip, the BC05R can easily be attached to a backpack, belts, headbands or clothing, which makes the BC05R ideal for activities such as running, cycling and hiking. The BC05R is 5 centimeters long and weighs only 19 grams, you hardly realize that you are carrying the lamp and you get a safe feeling in return.

The BC05R has 4 output levels (2 light modes and 2 flashing lights) with a maximum of 10 lumens of eye-catching red light, you are visible at more than 200 meters away! The built-in 240 mAh Li-poly-mer battery provides a maximum runtime of 72 hours. The Fenix BC05R is the ideal partner that ensures that you can drive safely at night.

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