VEX GPS Tracker for Ninebot MAX

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3 - 4 weeks


VEX is a very discreet GPS Track & Trace system which is connected to the battery of your electric scooter. Once connected to the battery of your electric scooter, the GPS Tracker sends its position and movements to your mobile phone. Thanks to the back-up battery, you can also follow your favorite route for up to 7 days when the connection to the vehicle's battery needs to be cut.

Are you looking for a GPS Tracker for your Ninebot MAX? We provide custom wiring to connect it to the battery of your Ninebot MAX electric scooter with ease!

Once installed in your electric scooter, download the application for your mobile phone or visit the website. Activate your device in 5 easy steps. Your ride is protected and online. Receive motion alarms on your phone.
On a map, you can see your trips. Feel free to send your trip to your friends or download the GPX file to be able to browse it again.

Of course, the GPS tracker can also be connected to any other electric scooter such as the Dualtron, Nami, Vsett ... but requires the creation of special wiring not included in this kit. Note that we can perform the installation of the VEX GPS tracker for you.

  • Purchasing your device entitles you to 12 months of use, after which you only pay € 3.95 per month to use the system. All SIM card costs are included in this price.
  • The GPS Tracker is equipped with a sensitive motion sensor that can send an alarm to your mobile app, tablet or PC at the exact moment motion is detected
  • By locating your vehicle via GPS + GLONASS satellites, you know where it is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • The supplied SIM card allows you to track your movements throughout Europe.
  • The GPS Tracker consumes only 2 mAh when your vehicle is not moving. You don't have to worry about the battery draining.

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