Ninebot Run Flat 8.5"x2 tyre for Xiaomi, Dualtron Mini...

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Ninebot Run Flat 8.5"x2:  Higher quality tyre for electric scooter

  • Xiaomi M365
  • Xiaomi M365 PRO
  • Dualtron Mini
  • Speedway Leger
  • Xiaomi 1S

Specially designed by Ninebot, for the whole range of Xiaomi scooters. This Runflat tire (see definition below) is characterized by a reinforced sidewall, combined with a reinforced inner tube from Ninebot, which resists punctures while retaining its flexibility.

This tire is highly recommended by our specialists, it is undoubtedly to date, a product of better comfort / resistance ratio among many solutions on the market.

What is a Runflat tire?
The Runflat tire differs from a conventional tire in terms of its architecture. In fact, we notice that the whole of the traditional tire collapses in the event of a loss of pressure.

All that's left is the rim coated with soft rubber to support part of the car. The tire engineers therefore redesigned the architecture by reinforcing the sidewalls so that they could alone ensure their stability in the event of a puncture.

Thanks to its self-supporting sidewalls designed with a specific rubber compound, the Runflat tire can drive you safely and far enough to find a garage or, at least, a place to rest.

Sold without inner tube

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