Abus Alarmbox + Catena 6806

Abus Abus
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The set consisting of ABUS alarm box and Catena 6806K/75 chain lock offers double protection

The ABUS alarm box in combination with the Catena 6806K/75 chain lock secures your bike with a chain lock and an alarm box that emits an acoustic signal when you move. The Catena 6806 chain lock is characterised by low weight and a flexible chain that allows you to lock your bike almost anywhere. During the ride, it easily finds room, e.g. in a bag or wrapped around the seatpost. The ABUS alarm box emits a signal tone as soon as the object to which it is attached is moved or shaken. With this you are not only able to secure your bike, but also e.g. the child trailer or the bike rack. The box is securely fastened with metal straps and locked with a key. It is armed with the push of a button, to deactivate you need the key.

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