Abus Scraper 3.0 Iriedaily Camou

Abus Abus
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Streetwear meets  headwear ! 

The Scraper 3.0 ACE is at home anywhere - on the street in big cities or at tight skate parks.

Commuters and lifestyle athletes rely on hard shell helmets that are rugged and sporty looking. The ABUS Scraper 3.0 ACE with unique processing of the double shell looks modern and cool and offers the necessary protection during sports and cycling in the city.

The optional winter kit and the Vent-Cover keep your head warm on cold days.

The Scraper 3.0 ACE is the right choice for every urban and stylish cyclist.

  • M = 54 - 58 cm
  • L = 57 - 61cm

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year warranty on the battery
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