Nami Klima SE 52V 18.2Ah

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NAMI Electric - New Age Mobility Innovation

NAMI is a new brand of electric scooter  in the high-end niche both in terms of performance but also components. Thanks to their experience acquired over the years, NAMI engineers have listened to user's requests to deliver robust and efficient electric scooters to us, while eliminating the weak points of competitors in this same sector.


The Nami Klima

New model in the Klima range, discover the Nami Klima SE.With these new advantages, this new electric scooter will seduce you.Always in the desire to offer you the best, the Nami brand presents the Klima SE.This new model succeeds the other models in the Klima range.Thus, the Klima SE keeps the same design with a smaller size and different capacities.With this versatile model, you will be able to sport all types of terrain with optimal comfort.


Technical characteristics of the Nami Klima SE

The Klima SE has a large number of features.To begin with, we can notice its 800W motor.Its 52V18.2Ah battery gives you a substantial autonomy of 50 km.You can therefore fully enjoy your electric scooter.Whether for your daily commute or for longer rides, you can ride with peace of mind.Thanks to its power, you will be able to climb slopes of up to 30°.The Klima SE allows you to overcome obstacles.We must also take into account its weight of 30 kg.This weight is justified by the composition and the numerous equipment offered by the model.


Summary of technical characteristics

  • 800W motor
  • Battery 52V18.2Ah
  • Weight of 30 kg
  • Range of 50 km
  • Slope <30°

Other features of the scooter

Let’s take a closer look at the many features of the Klima SE. In addition to its power, this model offers you comfort and safety. Note its spring suspensions at the front and rear. These allow you to tackle all types of roads and provide you with optimal comfort.

This way, they will absorb all the shocks and imperfections of the road. In addition, its disc brakes provide optimal braking quality. You can then enjoy the power of this scooter while being certain of being able to brake and stop at any time. In the event of emergency braking, be sure you can stop your scooter quickly.

Added to all this are 10-inch wheels with tubeless tires. This also helps to provide you with comfort and safety during your rides. The absorption quality is then optimal.


Reinforced security

thanks to the NFC kit to block and secure The Nami Klima One electric scooter is equipped with NFC technology.


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Technical data

52V 18.2Ah
Adjustable Hydraulic Coil Absorber - 165mm
Maximum load
Brake type
Mechanical Disc brake front + rear and electric brakes
Type tire
CST 10 inch tubeless
Ramps up to
58V 2A
Charging time
6 uur
Kinetic Energy Recovery System
Led lighting
Cruise control
1285mm x 230mm x 1230mm
Bluetooth App
Optional fast charger
years warranty on the E-scooter
year warranty on the battery
first service after 200 km free
discount on wear parts after purchase
discount on replacement battery