Dualtron Spider 2 60V 24Ah

Dualtron Dualtron
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The return of the lightest 10 "scooters:

When we introduced the Dualtron Spider a few years ago, it was a revolution. This light and powerful scooter never ceased to surprise. Today, we are offering its replacement: the Dualtron Spider 2 24Ah. An even more powerful model.

Our Dualtron Spider 2 24Ah model is therefore powerful, manoeuvrable and light. It meets the expectations of everyday users, who want a model that is both very sporty and easily transportable. Foldable, its weight is only 26.2 kg. A real feat for a scooter offering such technical characteristics.


Dualtron Spider 2 24Ah: the technical characteristics:

One thing's for sure, we haven't done things by halves with this Spider V2. In addition to the revised and particularly neat design, you will like its impressive technical characteristics. With its new LED light signature and its integrated footrest adorned with a spider web, this Spider hides other surprises.

You will also find under the deck of this Dualtron Spider 24Ah, an LG 21700 60V 24Ah battery. Enough to offer a substantial autonomy of 70 km in eco mode.


Careful comfort:

In terms of comfort, we have also equipped this Dualtron Spider II with our best elements. Find cartridge suspensions and 10 x 2.25 wheels in the inner tube. You can therefore ride comfortably in all circumstances, even off-piste. These suspensions are also a crucial asset in the handling of this electric scooter.

Last point concerning the safety of the scooter. In addition to the LED lights positioned on the stem, the deck and the footrest and allowing you to be perfectly seen at night, you will find quality braking. Dual disc brakes provide smooth braking and quick stops when needed. Feel perfectly safe aboard this Dualtron Spider 2 24Ah.


Dualtron Spider VS Dualtron Spider 2:

  • Load points placed in the front suspension arm.
  • Handlebar attachment directly integrated into the deck for easier folding.
  • Integration of a footrest with LED lights and controller inside.
  • New design of the suspension arms.
  • Double clamp for extra security.

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Technical data

LG 60V 24Ah
3984W Dual hub motor
Front + Rear Elastomer Swing arm
Maximum load
Brake type
Mecanical Disc Brakes front / rear + electric brakes
Type tire
10" Inner tube tyres
Ramps up to
Fast charger 95,4V 4A
Charging time
15 hours
Kinetic Energy Recovery System
Led lighting
Cruise control
Open: 1140 x 605 x 1240 mm, Folded: 1140 x 605 x 500 mm
Bluetooth App
Optional fast charger
years warranty on the E-scooter
year warranty on the battery
first service after 200 km free
discount on wear parts after purchase
discount on replacement battery