Sharkset LED Deck for Ninebot MAX - with blinkers

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By equipping your Ninebot Max G30 with the new SHARKSET luminous deck, you will significantly improve driving comfort as well as your safety. Comfort is provided by a much larger board surface and safety by the LED board lighting and turn signals that will make you clearly visible at night, not to mention the horn to warn.

This kit includes REAR INDICATORS and HORN in addition to the bass DECK kit. This LIGHT DECK + INDICATORS + HORN kit is a guarantee of comfort and safety that you will find difficult to do without after having tried it.

The deck consists of two boards: The top board is 3MM thick ALUMINUM and the bottom board is 10MM thick PC (near acrylic)!! No chance of breaking this indestructible deck secured with black painted CNC aluminum legs. Quality at all levels.

We find in the center of the black painted aluminum board, a laser cut of the SHARKSET logo. The acrylic board has two grooves which allow the two LED strips to be inserted.

SHARKSET is the only one to offer four CNC ALUMINUM ATTACHMENTS (solid machined aluminum) for its DECK. You can adjust the fit and clamping force of your deck with the original deck. Four fasteners come to take the edge of the original deck of your G30, you tighten it is posed! Note that the competition has a tendency to put plastic fasteners, very uncertain at the security level. Similarly, the competition does not offer an aluminum board, preferring to hold it directly on a single acrylic board which of course... can and will break. SHARKSET preferred to equip its deck with the best possible bindings, already with an aluminum top board, the perfect combo for optimum safety. Your deck will always stay in place and above all you will have no chance of breaking the support legs or the deck itself. No other board for Ninebot will bring you such a level of safety, all WITHOUT DRILLING your scooter frame...


The SHARKSET DECK KIT is delivered with all the accessories and tools (an allen key) to be able to securely attach your board to the deck of your scooter and to connect the LEDs + horn + indicators to the battery of your scooter. It is important to note that you do not need to drill into the frame of your Ninebot to install the whole kit.

There is no need to drill the frame to install the DECK SHARKSET

Spare parts of the deck will be available from XERIDER in case of mishandling.


By choosing SHARKSET accessories, you are not compromising on your safety and comfort, quite the contrary. Don't wait any longer and treat yourself by equipping your Ninebot with this splendid luminous deck. This deck will increase your comfort by offering a large surface for your feet. It will also make you very visible at night thanks to its LED lighting system that you can control using a remote control provided as well as the presence of turn signals and a horn, an important guarantee of safety. And finally, it will give your G30 a unique and personalized look. You simply won't be able to do without it, we will have warned you!!


  • An upper deck in 3MM thick ALUMINUM, anodized in black, with laser cutout of the Sharkset logo.
  • A 10MM thick acrylic bottom deck.
  • 4 CNC aluminum fasteners
  • Two LED strips
  • A pair of yellow turn signals
  • Car horn
  • A turn signal and horn control stalk
  • A strain relief
  • A "Y" connection extension to plug into the battery discharge connector + LED Driver
  • A remote control (battery not included) for deck light adjustment.
  • 2 sheets of plastic (white and yellow) for the color of the logo (color to be modified according to your tastes...)

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