Shimano A01S organic brake pads

Shimano Shimano
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Shimano A01S organic brake pads for electric scooter

  • Inokim OX Super en Hero
  • Speedrott RX1000
  • Kaabo Mantis 8 Origin
  • Kaabo Mantis Limited
  • Dualtron 3
  • Remklauw XTECH
Choose your brake pads:

Organic(you will also find it under the name resin): organic pads are the most common, they have the advantage of having very good braking efficiency from the first turns of the wheel (therefore cold) and a relatively affordable price . However, they will tend to wear out faster and will be quite sensitive to mud.

Metallic: Pads with a metallic lining provide better performance in harsh climatic conditions, and due to a softer lining, their life is longer. Unlike organic, they require a short warm-up time to restore all the braking power.

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