VAR Pa-64003 Sintered Metal brake pads

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Compatible for:

  • Inokim OX Hero en OX Super rear brake.
  • Dualtron 3
  • Kaabo Mantis 8 Origin
  • Kaabo Mantis 10 Limited
  • Speedtrott RX1000
  • XTECH Calipers

With Sintered or metallic brake pads, the metal particles are pressed into the brake lining. These blocks are more resistant to heat and have better braking power in both wet and dry conditions, they make more noise and the brake disc wears faster. Always find out whether your brake disc is suitable for it!

Note: A progressive running-in time of about 30 brakes is absolutely necessary to ensure maximum effectiveness of your brake pads. Consult instructions (see technical support)

Choose your brake pads:

Organic(you will also find it under the name resin): organic pads are the most common, they have the advantage of having very good braking efficiency from the first turns of the wheel (therefore cold) and a relatively affordable price . However, they will tend to wear out faster and will be quite sensitive to mud.

Metallic: Pads with a metallic lining provide better performance in harsh climatic conditions, and due to a softer lining, their life is longer. Unlike organic, they require a short warm-up time to restore all the braking power.

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