Teverun Fighter Eleven + 60V 35Ah

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Teverun Fighter Eleven+

When it comes to high-performance electric scooters, the Teverun Fighter Eleven commands attention with its unique combination of cutting-edge technology, remarkable performance and sleek design. Known for its amazing power, toughness and innovative styling, the Teverun Fighter Eleven sets a new standard for the electric scooter market. This article explores what sets this engineering marvel apart from other competing models.

Teverun Fighter Eleven+: a concentrate of power and style

The Teverun Fighter Eleven + stands out for its breathtaking performance, combining the speed of a Dualtron with the versatility and progressive acceleration typical of the Teverun range. With two powerful 5000W motors, providing an adrenaline-filled driving experience.

The design of the Teverun Fighter Eleven+ does not compromise on performance, with an ultra-robust chassis capable of supporting up to 150 kg and adjustable suspensions to guarantee a comfortable ride on all terrains. In addition, it is equipped with a high-end TFT display that offers real-time access to all essential information, ensuring a smooth and efficient driving experience.

What sets the Teverun Fighter Eleven+ apart from other electric scooters?

The Teverun Fighter Eleven+ stands out with its innovative fusion of advanced features and sleek design. It combines the best elements of Dualtron and Teverun technology, delivering an unparalleled driving experience. Plus, it's built to last with a one-piece forging process, combining tough aluminum alloy and steel.

In addition, the Fighter Eleven is available in two versions, each equipped with a high capacity LG battery (60V 25 amps/hour for the Eleven version and 60V 35 amps/hour for the Eleven+ version). These powerful batteries guarantee an impressive range, giving drivers the ability to travel up to 100km/120km on a single charge.

Is safety a priority on the Teverun Fighter Eleven?

Safety is a key factor in the design of the Teverun Fighter Eleven. It is equipped with several advanced safety features, including hydraulic brakes, puncture-resistant tubeless tires and an NFC card start system for added security. In addition, the Fighter Eleven+ version is equipped with an adjustable hydraulic suspension, providing improved stability and handling.

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Technical data

60V 35Ah LG 21700
90 km
DUAL Motor 2x 1200W (PEAK 5000W)
Adjustable hydraulic suspension
Maximum load
Brake type
Hydraulic disc brake front + rear and electric brakes
Type tire
11" Tubeless
Ramps up to
67,2V 2A
Charging time
14 hours
Kinetic Energy Recovery System
Led lighting
Cruise control
Open:1350 x 650 x 128 mm (L x l x h), Folded: 1350 x 240 x 580 mm (L x l x h)
Bluetooth App
Optional fast charger
years warranty on the E-scooter
year warranty on the battery
first service after 200 km free
discount on wear parts after purchase
discount on replacement battery